Stretching. Reaching. Breathing. Moving. Dancing!

Friday’s. 9 AM. At Athletic Garage Pasadena.

2 thoughts on “Stretching. Reaching. Breathing. Moving. Dancing!

  1. Hi, I won five classes at the Cancer Support Center Gala. I was planning to go to class this morning. Good thing I called first – i was told there was no class today. When is the next Fri AM class?


    1. So sorry. Yes I had to cancel this morning but that’s very unusual for me. I am so glad you got the tickets from the cancer society! I don’t know if you know Toni Rodriguez or Suzy Sheedy but they come to my class and are involved with that group. My next Friday morning class will be next Friday. I also have a Wednesday morning class at 9 AM at Live Arts LA in Glassell Park. And on Monday night at 6 PM at the athletic garage in Pasadena. If you send me your email address I can put everything in an email which might be easier. Looking forward to meeting you and again I apologize for counseling this morning. Thank you.


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